Are Carpet cleaning chemicals safe?

carpet cleaning dog on rug

I get asked often whether on not RK Preserve uses Green and eco friendly cleaning solutions when cleaning carpet and upholstery. We have the pleasure of saying yes. Are carpet and upholstery cleaning solution is safe, green and eco friendly.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning solution is rated a 0 on a scale for health hazard and physical hazard by HMIS (Hazardous Materials Identification System). 

The carpet cleaning solutions that are used by most carpet cleaners are rated a 2 which is considered hazardous. 

How do I check If cleaning solutions are safe?

Every cleaning product has a SDS (safety data sheet). 

To find this online, search for the product in question followed by SDS. 9 times out of 10 it will pull up a link to the Safety data sheet. If you still cant find it you can go to the manufacturers website or simply ask us to email it to you.

one earth Cleaning Solution

Here is the carpet cleaning solution that we use and a link to the SDS.

If you have any questions about our cleaning services or have questions about how to read a SDS Feel free to reach out to us at: or 503-422-2547

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