How to Find the source of pet odors


In order to completely remove the odors that may arise from having a new or aging pet first you need to be able to locate the area that the odors originate. In this blog we will cover How To Find the Source of Pet Odors with RK Preserve Carpet Cleaning.

Our Free Locating service

With the use of Ultra Violet Technology RK Preserve Carpet Cleaning can locate the source of any of the pet accidents and other biology that is trapped in your carpet and upholstery. The light that we use is a powerful commercial black light and is powerful enough to be used in full daylight. 

UV light detection

Put Any Cleaning Service to the test.

The best benefit of the free locating service is that you can see when the biology has been removed. Many of our carpet cleaning competitors are not equipped or have the experience to remove pet accidents. Put our service or any of our competitors to the test by having a free UV inspection done. 

how to remove Pet accidents for good

At RK Preserve Carpet Cleaning we don’t try to mask the source of the problem by selling you deodorizer treatments. We use an enzyme treatment to break down any stubborn stains and odor and remove them from Carpet, Rugs and Upholstery.


How Does The Enzyme Treatment Work?


You will no doubt have heard of body Enzymes. Enzymes are present in every living creature. They are capable of performing essential functions like the conversion of food into energy. Enzymes act as catalysts to speed up the natural processes by which without them would be slower. Enzymes cling to the bacteria in pet urine and breaks it down. This natural process is one of the only ways to remove problem odors and keep them from returning.

The problem area is saturated so the enzyme can go to work. It is recommended that the enzyme dwell in the carpet for 30-45 minutes so it can take full effect. Once the stain and odor have been broken down the area is thoroughly rinsed with hot water till all of the stain and odor is removed.