What Causes carpet Wrinkles


What Causes Carpet Wrinkles?

There are several reasons that you could be experiencing carpet wrinkles. We will go over the different causes and the steps RK Preserve takes to fix them.

Reason #1 Improper Installation

There are several mistakes that can be made when installing carpet that can cause wrinkles over time. Most people will point to the carpet being under-stretched during installation but there are other installation factors to consider. Improper tucking or installation of tackstrip can cause the carpet to become detached making carpet wrinkling inevitable. 

With either cause RK Preserve can stretch and refasten the carpet to remove the winkles that have developed. The quicker the wrinkle is taken care of the less chance of permanent damage. 

Reason #2 Humidity And Temperture

Humidity and temperature is one of the main reasons that carpets buckles or forms wrinkles. Carpet should be kept between 60 and 80 degrees to avoid buckling. When carpet reaches temperatures of above 85 it will begin to relax and expand. The hotter the temperature the more water vapor the air can hold.

 Even at a low relative humidity, in temperatures above 85 the amount of water vapor in the air can penetrate the carpet and cause water damage. During short periods of exposure the carpet may return back to normal but if your reading this I’m guessing it hasn’t.

Reason #3 Dragging Heavy Furniture

Another common reason that carpet may buckle is the dragging of heavy furniture (or similar item) across the surface of the carpet. When a heavy item is dragged across the surface, it tugs on the carpet and can cause the carpet to stretch.

To avoid causing your carpet to buckle when moving furniture or other heavy items, you must take precautions. It is best to lift the item and carry it if it is possible.

If the item is too heavy to be completely lifted off the carpet, then use two sheets of  Plywood to move it. Place one sheet on the carpet and “walk” the item onto the plywood (move it slowly, one side at a time, almost as if it was walking forward). Then place the second plywood sheet on the carpet in front of the first, and “walk” the item from the first onto the second. Once you have the item completely on the second sheet, lift the first sheet and place it in front of the second, and continue in this manner until the item has been relocated.

Reason #4 Incorrect Pad

If an improper padding is used under the carpet, it could cause the carpet to buckle. This would occur if the pad was not dense enough to adequately support the carpet, and allowed too much flexibility in the carpet.

Reason #5 Cheaply Made Carpet

Cheaply made carpet is not by itself a reason that carpets wrinkle unless there is a defect. Cheap carpet will not stand up to the other 4 causes like a heavy quality carpet will and so you will often find many low quality carpets needing stretching. Which brings about the conclusion that cheap carpet causes wrinkles.